Translation with Editing

Do you have a native-language manuscript that you would like translated into English? We specialise in translating academic and scientific documents, conference proceedings and presentations across a range of subjects including engineering and the physical sciences.

Write your paper in your native language and let our experts translate it into English as well as edit it to ensure that it meets international publication standard.

We offer translation services in the following languages:

  • Spanish to English
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) to English
  • Japanese to English
  • Korean to English
  • Turkish to English
  • Brazilian Portuguese to English

How it works

  • Translation Services


    A translator converts the manuscript into English, focusing on the technical terminology and subject-area conventions.
  • Bilingual Review

    Bilingual review

    A bilingual expert checks the accuracy of the translation and ensures that the author’s original meaning is conveyed.
  • Language Edit

    Language edit

    An experienced reviewer conducts a check for punctuation, grammar, language style, formatting, clarity and fluency.
  • Final Review

    Final review

    A senior reviewer checks whether all your requirements have been met before sending you the final, publication-ready file.
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